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Elegant Pearl and Rhinestone Pet Necklace with Bowtie

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Spring is here, it is jewelry time! Elegant Pearl and Rhinestone Pet Necklace & Collar | For Cats and Dogs

Pink & White Pearl: with light purple bowtie and rhinestone bone 
Black & White Pearl: with black bowtie and rhinestone bone 

Sizes: Each necklace is consists of a pearl necklace and a 2" adjustable extension chain

Suitable Neck Range Length (Pearl part) Suggested Weight

S 7 - 9"   7.5" 2 - 5lbs

M 8.5 - 11"   9" 6 - 10lbs

L 11 - 13.5"   11.5" 11 - 15lbs

*Every pet breed is different, please measure your pet's neck circumference while she or he is sitting. Use the measuring tape around the neck, leave 2 fingers of extra room for a comfortable fit

Please Note: Due to the nature of the product, all purchases will be FINAL. Thank you for your understanding :)