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Striped Valentine Sweater

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Introducing our new and stylish pet sweater featuring bold contrast color stripes, perfect for making your furry friend stand out in the crowd. This sweater comes with a choice of a black, white, and red collar or a red, white and blue collar, providing the perfect matchy style for any occasion. The sweater is adorned with a heart shape decoration, making it ideal for a Valentine's Day outing with your pet. This sweater will keep your pet cozy and comfortable while also ensuring they are the center of attention.

Size Chest (cm) Chest (in) Back (cm) Back (in)
XS 32.0 12.5 21.5 8.5
S 37.0 14.5 26.0 10.0
M 42.0 16.5 30.5 12.0
L 47.0 18.5 34.0 13.5
XL 52.0 20.5 38.0 15.0
XXL 57.0 22.5 42.0 16.5